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Key Demographic Data

Statistics concerning are gathered through two tools: a continuing, voluntary survey (669 responses) and regular server log analysis. The later is preferred over survey results whenever data is available.
Visitor Snapshot:
  • 61% of visitors are male
  • 71% are 34 years of age or younger (23% are minors)
  • 22% report a household income of $50K+ (one in ten have a HHI of $75K+)
Regional Reach:
  • 65% of visitors are Americans
  • 5% are Canadians
  • 13% access the Internet through AOL
  • 5% use high-speed Internet (DSL / Cable)
Site Stickiness:
  • 60,000+ unique visitors per month (480,000+ page views)
  • 56% of returning visitors come to on a weekly basis
  • 17% spend more than one hour on this site per visit

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