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Design Team

René-Marc Simard
Lead Developer

Monty Burns


Diplomatic and well thought-out, René-Marc is the driving force behind If you place René-Marc at a peace negotiation table, he will draw you a peace accord that will please both parties. Modest and polite, he is a talented and original guy always looking to stand out from the crowd.

René-Marc favors politics, space exploration, grooving parties and intelligent chicks.

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René-Marc's personal web site.


Louis-Éric Simard
Marketing Consultant

Lex Luthor


A strong and original leader, Louis-Éric is a born achiever. Being René-Marc's big brother, he always provide his sibling with some wise advise. Ranking amongst the best direct marketers in North-America, he particularly excels in public speaking and debating. Throw any rocky argument at the guy and he will nuke you on the spot.

Louis-Éric favors good literature, strong challenges, intense discussions and foxy ladies.


Content Advisor

Dr. Evil


Computer aficionado since the age of 10, fine strategist and experienced manager, Gonzalo is the guy who always has keen and original ideas for innovative content. With extensive experience in student politics, he is capable of making things change where status-quo reigns. Place Gonzalo in the middle of a battlefield and he will draw you a war plan that's guaranteed to succeed.

Fellow space and politics buff, Gonzalo enjoys poutine and sporty seņoritas.


Richard Bélanger
Design Specialist



The most artistic guy of the team. Talented musician, he masters the keyboard, the guitar and the base. Give Richard a few stray musicians and signers, and he will set up a formidable band in a mater of hours. Entrepreneurial in spirit, he brings his talents to all ventures he handles.

Richard especially enjoys driving, good company, the occasional party and graceful women.

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